To register an application on LinkedIn, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to LinkedIn and go to Page LinkedIn App to create application
    Linkedin : List App
  2. Press button "Add New Application" and fill the application form with the below information
    • Website URL:
  3. Then, check to agreement checkbox and press button "Submit".
    Linkedin : Create App Form
  4. After create application success, select menu "Authentication" and go to "Authentication" page.
  5. In session "Default Application Permissions", please check:
    • r_basicprofile: if you want to use "SoclAll Login"
    • r_emailaddress: if you want to use "SoclAll Invite"
    • w_share: if you want to use "SoclAll Posting"
  6. In session "OAuth 2.0", fill "Authorized Redirect URLs" field: and press button "Add". Then, re-fill: and press button "Add".
    Linkedin : Authentication Page
  7. After all, press button "Update".
  8. Select menu "Settings", change "Application Status" to Live and press button "Update".
    Linkedin : Settings Page
  9. In "Authentication" page, you can get the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" to fill SoclAll LinkedIn Settings form.