To register an application on Mail.Ru, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Mail.Ru and go to Page Mail.Ru App to create application.
    Then, press the button in red rectangle like the picture below.
    Mail.Ru : Create App
  2. Select "Я принимаю правила использования Платформы@Mail.Ru" and press the button in red rectangle.
    Mail.Ru : Accept the rules
  3. Fill the create form with the below information
    • Название: SoclAll
    • Адрес главной страницы:
      Then press the button in red rectangle.
      Mail.Ru : Create Form
  4. In order of pictures below, press the button or link in red rectangle.
    Mail.Ru : Skip Step 1
    Mail.Ru : Skip Step 2
  5. After created application success, you can get the "ID" and "Секретный ключ" to fill SoclAll Mail.Ru Settings form.
    Mail.Ru : Settings Form