To register an application on Twitter, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Twitter and go to Page Twitter App to create application.
  2. Press button "Create New App" and then fill the application form with the below information
    • Website:
    • Callback URL:
  3. Then check to agreement checkbox and press button "Create your Twitter application"
    Twitter : Create App Form
  4. After successfully registered the application, go to "Application Management".
  5. In tab "Permissions", please check

    • Readonly: if you want to use "SoclAll Login" only
    • Read and Write: if you want to use "SoclAll Posting"
    • Read, Write and Access direct messages: if you want to use "SoclAll Invite"

    Twitter : Permission Form

  6. In tab "Keys and Access Tokens", you can find "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" to fill SoclAll Twitter Settings form.

    Twitter : Consumer Form